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Frequently Asked Questions

No need to change routing numbers at this time.  If we start phasing out your current routing number at some point in the future, you will receive plenty of notice to begin making the change.
In cases where both FNB and BOP had customers with the same account number, there was a need to change account numbers to prevent future issues, and affected customers were notified of this change, but in most cases, there was no need to change account numbers. 
If you have a First National Bank debit card, you will receive a new Panhandle First Bank debit card in late May or early June. If you have a Bank of the Panhandle debit card, you will receive a new debit card prior to the expiration date of your current card.  See debit card FAQ page for more information.

Yes, you may continue using your First National Bank  and/or Bank of the Panhandle checks after the 5/1/24 merger date. Once you run out of checks, you may order new ones under the Panhandle First Bank name (see "Personal" option above).

While we have worked diligently to ensure you have a smooth transition to Panhandle First Bank, there will be a brief period from May 1st to June 17th where you will need to continue using your regular branch for any transactions.
In June, we will ask customers to upgrade to the newest version of our mobile app to reflect our new logo and new features. This will require downloading the new app, but your username and password will not change. 

While the terms are often interchangeable, mergers and acquisitions aren’t the same. In short, a merger is when two existing companies combine into a singular, new entity. An acquisition is when one company absorbs another, but no new organization is created.

Bank of the Panhandle and First National Bank have merged to become Panhandle First Bank.

No, all branch phone numbers and hours will remain the same.
No. You'll see the new Panhandle First Bank logo on the statements, but other than that, you shouldn't notice much of a change.
We are still your community bank! Don't hesitate to call your local branch with any questions you have. 

Dumas, TX - (806) 935-5544
Guymon, OK - (580) 338-2593
Perryton, TX - (806) 435-5544
Spearman, TX - (806) 659-5544